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see our Factory

See how our Helmets are produced:

BA-mould.jpg (74538 Byte)

The steel mould of Alien II, CNC machined to avoid Tolerances.

Baloon.jpg (78308 Byte)

The mould is going to be filled with exact amount of Fibres & Resin, then it is going to be pressed with the Baloon and heated up.
In result the Shell is strong & relaible at minimum weight

ready-shells.jpg (66948 Byte)

The ready shells waiting for the inner parts, here in Carbon

ready-shells2.jpg (53946 Byte)

here mat black ones in Fiberglas

polishing.jpg (44886 Byte)

Carbon Shell is polished to high gloss

assembling.jpg (45193 Byte)

Final Assembly, slowly with lots of attention, the whole Production is dust free.

readypacked.jpg (37366 Byte)

Ready packed Helmet waiting for their Transport to Berlin


See the safety test equipment

viewtest.jpg (107069 Byte)

The Vision is checked due to ECE Standard, impact points marked by Laser

impactmachine.jpg (117750 Byte)

Impact machine, here the Helmet is crashed down with a 5 Kg metal Head inside from serious height. Not too realistic as in real life there is a human body attached which will cause the neck to break at such an impact. But this is the formal procedure as required.

riemenreisser.jpg (103174 Byte)

Chin strap retension testing machine

Durchdringungstest.JPG (134457 Byte)

Penetration testing, the arrow should not go through the Helmet, this test is carried out only on Helmets for the US Market.
It is NOT required for ECE Helmets, just for DOT, for example our XXR Helmets