ECE, what is it?

AECElle Helme aus Fiberglas GFK

ECE 22 ist the european Standard for Motorcycle Helmets, latest Version is ECE 22-06.

For Germany, we can use Helmets that are not homologated, so we do have Helmets with ECE homologation and without.

The disadvantage of ECE approved Helmets, they are so bulky, you look like a Astronout.

We do have slim nice Helmets that are exactly as everybody like his Helmet, without ECE, especially the open face Helmets are much smarter if not so bulky.

For our Full Face, we do have both, the models XXR, Crystal and SuperStreet are featuring a slim Visor which does not compare to the requirements for ECE, but we got them tested and approved to the US american DOT Standard FMVSS 218.

So it is up to you to choose. Due to new ECE 22-06 Standard, the Helmet shell size had to be increased even more, so Helmets to latest standard are even more bulky.

We still have Helmets to 22-05 Standard in stock, until sold out.  ECE 22-05 standard is still valid and accepted all over Europe.